Codecademy Projects

This repository contains all the practice, off-platform, challenge or capstone projects I’ve done in Codecademy so far

The web pages and scripts here are mostly done as a part of the Front-end engineering Path, most languages you will find will be HTML, pure CSS and JS. Please note that some web pages are better than other due to the skills I gained during the course, so be aware of bugs. The projects, listed in chronological order, from older to newer:

How to access the projects

To run any project except the ones made with Javascript alone (Credit Card Checker, Mysterious Organism and Lodash) you can simply type in your web browser along with the relative path of the .html file of the project. To run any purely JS based project you must install the Node.js library in your computer, this can be done simply by going to and clicking “Download”. Once you have installed it, go to the main folder of the project and select Code > “download as a ZIP” to download the whole repository folder and then execute the file on your favorite code editor using node [name of the file]. The github Code button is located at the top right of the respository

How to contribute to this repository

if you have noticed an error and want to help, feel free to do so but keep in mind that I am aware of some issues like:

Support me

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